Character camera always moving to a relative height

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Unity and have been working with one of the books. My roommate went through the same book and did not have this issue, so I’m a bit stumped. My problem is that when I try to “play” to test my progress, my player camera (first person controller with no edits) always moves up before going forward. I think it has something to do with the terrain. If my terrain is set at 0,0,0 and my camera is at 103,32,60 (the Y is the important one here) the following will happen.

Hit the play button and the camera is where I want it but as soon as I move forward, the camera flies up to Y 40 and then lets me move forward. If I set the camera above 40, it slides me down.

I’ve moved the terrain up and it does the same thing, moving my camera up and then letting me move. I’ve imported the terrain from my roommate who had no issues and it didn’t make any difference. I have ensured there are no collision issues and nothing in my scripts. I’m stumped so any help would be appreciated.

I had to delete all of my terrain and reinstall Unity to fix this. Close please.