Character can't animate turning while walking

Hi everyone, I have a character which works on a simple movement script. I’d like to get him to play a turning animation while running left or right. I’ve had a long hard look at the resources available online for blending animations but I just can’t get a handle on it.

at the moment I have this line in my Start() function which I was hoping would work, but obviously isn’t.

("TurnLeft").blendmode = AnimationBlendMode.Additive;

If it helps, the rest of my animations are blended in as such (in this example, walking forward):

if (Input.GetAxis("Vertical") > 0){
	animation.CrossFade("Walk", 0.1f);

Until recently I’ve been using Javascript to do my code, but I want to learn C#, which is what my code is created in. Could anyone tell me how to use the AnimationBlendMode function, and where it belongs?

Hi everyone, I have found the solution to my problem after an extensive search. This might not work for everyone, but as far as I can see it works for me, so if you are battling with a similar problem, here it is;

firstly, you need to set a layer for the animation you’d like to overlap your original animation. in my example, it was the turning animation.

animation["TurnLeft"].layer = 1;

By default, all animations start with 0, so turn left is now above my walk animation.
Next, you will have to set the “weight” of your animation.

animation["TurnLeft"].weight = 0.4f;

By doing this, you will determine how much your animation will fade into another. in this case, turn left will fade into those below it by 40%.

It’s worth noting that this code is in C#. put each of these lines into your Start() function. If you can see any problems or have anything to add please do. I’m still a beginner so this is likely wrong in some parts and every bit helps.