Character changes into a broken pose when keying positions

I've got a character like this, with an empty timeline with no tracks:

Now I want to key in some positions and add a Run animation below that. So I press the record button and move her forward a tiny bit, and this happens:


Very strange. For reference, these are the components that she has:


If I drill down into her rig, her bones have indeed changed positions and rotations to some arbitrary looking numbers, no idea where they came from. She looks like she's in the default muscle testing pose, except if you look under the ground her legs are all messed up:


I'm using Unity 2017.1.0p4

What is happening here?

There is a fix for this coming in the next patch. To get around it until then, place your run animation on a track before that one.

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Is this related to one I've seen where my character model centers at 0,0,0 and when I try to move it, the the bones move instead? This seems to fix itself slightly if I remove the root bone from the mesh renderer.

this is still happening in unity2019.2

@sephytreebeard - can you provide a repro case, gif or any extra details? The differences in animation tracks between 2017.x and 2019.x is pretty substantial.

reproduced with adam model(free), etthan model(free) , pbr soldier

simply added the first keypose transform position when recording,

having trouble uploading the clip

Thanks. I'm a bit surprised that a) we overlooked that, b) we haven't come across it and c) that it wasn't fixed in the many changes to both animation and preview... but you are completely correct. It's still there - but only happens on humanoids.

I'll open a bug and we will get a fix as soon as possible.


Has this bug been fixed yet in any new releases?

I updated my project to the latest version of Unity (2018.4.10f to 2019.3). Now I can't do anything to fix the rig, like it is programmed to stay broken. It also gives me an error message claiming that humanoid bone rotation is no longer supported.

Unfortunately, the bug (as reported) is still open - although your issue with the rig sounds like a different problem.

If it is of any use to anyone, I exported an FBX model and made my own skeleton with extra bones. This humanoid seems to be working now.

Has this bug been fixed yet? I'm using Unity 2019.3.2f1. My character model also goes into a weird broke pose when I create a new animation track in the Timeline. My character is using a Humanoid rig. Once it goes into that broken pose I can't fix it.

However, when I bring in a different character model and changed its rig to Generic there appears to be no issue with the Timeline. So, Timeline is broken when you try to add an animation track with a Humanoid Rig.

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Same problem, as of 2019.3.11f1.

After playing around with it enough I ran into a warning "Keyframing translation on humanoid rig is not supported!" So there you have it. It took quite a bit of playing around before that warning popped up when trying to change Root Position, prompting me to do further research to confirm this limitation.

Changing Rig Animation Type to Generic works, as fullerfusion mentioned. Select the Root node and then those animations can be shared with other Generic "humanoid" rigs in your game that have the same bone hierarchy structure under that root.

Otherwise animation will have to be added entirely in a third-party tool such as Blender, prior to importing into Unity.

It seems like a Unity "fix" could be to simply disable the Animation > Create button for objects based on the Humanoid Animation Type, if possible, along with the warning message above. There are ways around this, but it would at least reduce confusion.

Not saying anything that Maldorath isn't, just confirming it.

Keyframing is supported for Humanoids on the root only (which overrides root motion). If you need to create hierarchical animations in timeline then only Generic is supported.

And even then, the animation window is better suited to author animation than timeline (the clip can then be brought into timeline).

(I'm not sure why the warning on the root object though is being displayed...)

Just to confirm this is still happening in 2021. Are there plans to support humanoid keyframing?

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This is still happening. I am still facing this issue. Anyone found any solution?

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As of Unity 2020.2.1f, I'm still running into this issue when trying to record animations from a character's animation controller.



@kirbyderby2000 Did you ever solve this issue? Im in unity 2021 and this issue persists... jw :)