Character Collider pushes my model away

Hello all, I'll try to make this as detailed as possible without getting lost in it all...

*I'll start by defining the problem:*When I try to play/control my character in Unity, the Character Collider is not in line with the model's coordinates and as such, gets pushed back a distance. So, the Collider acts as the pivot point for the model and rotates around it as opposed to with it.

*Now for details leading up to it:*I've created a model in 3DS Max and used a biped, put a physique on it and gave it some basic animations; idle, walk, run, jump. After, I used the Skinning Conversion Tool to turn the modifier into a Skin and imported it into Unity. I also used the WoW Camera Movement Script as listed near the middle of the page and here are two results I came with after some testing.

alt text

Both images have the Collider directly in the center of the model on all sides, so it's completely encapsulated. On the top, you can see that the model's pivot point is nowhere near the actual model, but the Collider stays with it. The bottom is quite the opposite and I'm a bit confused.

I wouldn't be posting this is there was a solution but I've searched the forums/UnityAnswers but have found nothing. If anyone could perhaps enlighten me as I'm new I would greatly appreciate it. Much thanks in advance!

I guess I figured out what it was.

When exporting, under 'Axis Conversion,' change it so that Z-Up is selected.

When I was exporting I always had it at Y-Up. I swear that was something that didn't matter anymore but I suppose I was wrong.

Hopefully this really fixes it. The collider seems to be working now.