Character continues moving when locked onto an enemy

Ok so here’s my issue, I have a script that allows me to lock on to and orbit an enemy target. The problem is if my character is moving when pressing the lock on button the character will continue moving in whatever direction it was going before the button was pressed regardless of any more button presses save for the opposite direction.

This doesn’t happen when I’m stationary, if my character stands still and I press the lock on button everything works fine. It’s only when I’m moving.

I’m not sure if this is enough information, or what else someone might need to better understand but here is my script.

if (GetComponent<DetectedEnemies>().locked)//checks bool to see if lockOn button was pressed
            mainCam.SetActive(false);//turns off main cam
            lockCam.SetActive(true);//turns on lockOn cam

                movesetting.tarObject = GetComponent<DetectedEnemies>().Closest;//target object will be the closest enemy to player

                this.transform.LookAt(movesetting.tarObject.transform.position);//player will look at the target object at all times

                if (currXRot.x > maxXRot.x)//if the current x rot of this object exceeds the maxXRot it can go...
                    currXRot.x = maxXRot.x;//it gets reset

                transform.Translate(Vector3.right * movesetting.speed * Time.deltaTime * turnInput);//orbits around the target object
                transform.Translate(Vector3.forward * movesetting.speed * Time.deltaTime * forwardInput);//in control of moving towards and away from target

Any and all help is greatly appreaciated, thank you in advance. If you need more info or if something isn’t clear please let me know.

Found a solution, not listed in this part of the script I use a variable called velocity to add a force in a direction of the rigidbody. So I went back and used the force applied by the velocity variable to move the player forward and back but I kept the sideways motion the same, since it wasn’t acting funky anymore so now it looks like:

transform.Translate(Vector3.right * movesetting.speed * Time.deltaTime * turnInput);
velocity.z = movesetting.forwardVel*forwardInput;

ForwardVel is a variable for how much force is applied, and forwardInput is the Vertical input found by defaualt with unity’s Input Manager.
This is all a modified version of the original script from Renaissance Coders,