Character Controller Gravity

Hi; I’m just wondering if there is a way to turn off the character controller gravity. Its causing my character to slip when walking up walls. I read some ware to change the Character Motor script but am unable to find any way to change the pre-set classes though. Any help would be appreciated (it is too late to change to a ridgidbody it would involve re-writing the entire game).

The CharacterMotor script is terribly complex: you can get completely crazy trying to modify it - I know, I was one of its victims… but in the madhouse I had time to create some tricks, like this function to set the gravity value:

function SetGravity(g: float){
	var chMotor: CharacterMotor = GetComponent(CharacterMotor);
	chMotor.movement.gravity = g;

Place this function in another script attached to the character, and use it to modify the gravity value (not the direction, unfortunately) when you need. In a few tests, this function effectively can turn the gravity off when you set it to 0. If the character is in the middle of a jump, for instance, it goes up forever unless you set the gravity to some reasonable value (default is 10).