character controller grounded

Hi guys

I’m using the CharacterController component to move my player, and I’m using the isGrounded check of the charcter controller to know if the player is on the ground or not.
it works perfectly fine, the problem started when I added “hurt” animation.
When the player gets hurt I play that animation and it causes the charcter controller to think the player is off the ground.
of course the animation doesn’t move the player on the Y axis, and I toggled off the “apply root motion” in the animation component.
but it still thinks the player is off the ground.

what am I missing?

thanks in advance

If you temporarily remove the code which triggers the hurt animation to play (but leave anything else that happens when the character gets hurt) you can check for sure if the animation is causing the problem. If the problem goes away without the animation, then something about the animation must be lifting the character off the floor, or otherwise preventing it from being able to move into the floor.