Character Controller Help

I have seen that on the third person controller when you start the game how ever high above the ground it is placed in the scene view it drops onto the ground as expected. but on the character controller which I have made how ever high above the ground it is placed it stays there, I have added a character controller onto it like the third person controller provided but it dosent drop to the ground like I want it to. can anyone help?

A CharacterController isn’t under physics control, so there’s no automatic gravity effect like in the rigidbodies. It also must be moved only with 1 or SimpleMove, or collisions will be ignored. SimpleMove includes gravity automatically, but you can’t jump. Move let the gravity control in your hands, so you can add gravity and jump, if you want. Both routines have good examples that you can adapt to your case.
Anyway, I changed your script to use SimpleMove:

using UnityEngine;

public class Move : MonoBehaviour{

	public float WalkSpeed = 5.0f;
	CharacterController controller;

	void Start(){
		controller = (CharacterController) transform.GetComponent("CharacterController");

	void Update(){

		Vector3 movVel =;

		if (Input.GetKey("w")){
			movVel = transform.forward * WalkSpeed;
		else {
			//if we're not moving we'll want to crossfade back to the idle animation
			float verticalAxisInput = Input.GetAxis("Vertical");
			if (verticalAxisInput != 0)
				movVel = transform.forward * verticalAxisInput * WalkSpeed;
		// move the character with specified movVel velocity