Character Controller - how to detect intersections?

Hello all,

I have noticed a bad behavior with my character controller. When I am next to a static object and crouching down, the radius of the character controller is increased. This causes, that the character controller intersects with the object. Which it shouldn’t.
I have activated “enableOverlapRecovery”, but it doesn’t work. I guess the problem is, that I am controlling the player / controller position via code and the code is overwriting it. That’s just an assumption. Is this correct?

How do I make sure, that such intersections never happen? I have tried to use controller.detectCollisions, but this works just with other controllers or rigidbodies, and I have also tried collisionFlags, but this check just for a collision, not for intersections.

Any ideas?

Thank you

I did not find a way to easily detect intersections. I have solved it by cre4ating a bigger collider as the object, so that I could detect collisions even earlier then they happened.