Character Controller keeps falling through Unity Cube

Soooo. I have a cube set as the ground for my project. It is a basic cube with nothing changed except the size. Is Trigger is Unchecked. Static is Unchecked. Now, I have a Character Controller with a Rigidbody attached to it. The Character Controller is ABOVE the ground. I have checked that several times. Also, there is a camera that is a child of the character controller. When I press play, the character controller simply falls right through the cube.

Make sure that on the cube in the properties inspector, has the box generate colliders checked. Or you can add a component and find the component named “Mesh Collider” You already may have done this though, so therefore i cannot help

As Ian said, the cube needs a collider, it should have a box collider by default.

next in order to collider with the box’s collider, your character controller will also need a collider attached, try attaching a capsule collider to your character controller… should work.

Thank you guys! :smiley: