Character Controller Lands on Slopes

My character controller will land on sloped walls (60 degrees) and stop there. He cannot walk up them, but he’ll happily slide along parallel to the wall. That wall is too steep for him to stand on, and I need him to slide down it.

I am managing gravity myself and simply calling CharacterController.Move() with my accumulated velocity. I have verified that my velocity is continuing to grow in the -Y direction. Yet the character will NOT slide down the slope.

In fact, it seems to be that if my CharacterController makes contact with any surface with a normal facing in the +Y direction, it will cancel all movement in the -Y direction. Thus he can land on a steep slope.

I have a pseudo work-around that almost works. I detect the contact myself using OnControllerColliderHit() and apply enough X and Z motion to make him slide parallel to the wall. Unfortunately, this causes him to miss the collision on the following frame (since he’s now travelling parallel to the wall).

I’m now about to resort to dropping the CharacterController altogether and attempting to roll my own controls out of a Kinematic RigidBody. Is that really what I have to do here?

There’s got to be a better way.

Since you’re not mentioning it, I have to ask, are you aware that the character controller component has a variable calls slope limit?

There’s an answer here that might help, I’ll have to try this too: