Character controller moves slow when an object its parented

I have an object (a sphere) that when i hit it, the object “parents” itself to my character controller, in other words it becomes a child of the character controller. The problem i am having is that moving around becomes very difficult when this object is attached. The character controller will sometimes not move forward at all, or move slightly diagonally and very slowly, or move normal in some directions but not others. Once the object is unparented (with a mouse click) all is back to normal.

Now the sphere does have a rigidbody and i have been told to never parent an object to another if both have rigidbodies but as far as i can see the character controller does not have one. Also when the object is being parented i am making it kinematic anyway which i also thought would not cause any problems.

If anyone needs code then i can provide.

Thanks in advance.

Character controllers work funny when other colliders are childed to them. My longer explanation near the bottom, this person has a weapon child: Character movement distorted when holding weapon - Unity Answers

Now, a rigidbody moving with physics loves children. You can combine a few cubes and spheres (as you wrote, only the top object gets the rigid body) and it will gladly act as a single solid object.