Character controller not moving with parent (boat)


So I’m doing this project where I’ve got a boat and I place a character on the boat.
The character is set as child of the boat so I expect it to move along with it when it accelerates.

The problem begins there, the character stays in place as the boat moves forward and then it falls off the boat.

I tried placing any other object with a rigid body on the boat a it moves along it, but I’ve got no luck with any character controller (Neither 1st or 3rd person)

The boat moves by adding force on it’s rear part.

Any Help on this?


It’s an old topic, but I just had the same issue. I moved my old project to new unity and new render pipeline system and same script, same player and same platform stopped working.

After checking all the topics with rigidbody, OnTriggerStay, position correction and so on, I found out that there is ‘auto sync transforms’ option which was not enabled in my new project. When I reenabled it, things went back to normal. (Edit → Project Settings → Physics (or Physics 2d) → Auto Sync Transforms

you could have a state where the player is in the boat, if he doesnt move at all like

if (enteringVehicle) //or however you want to implement this