Character controller, not working as i want

My main character (a cat) in the game i am working on uses a character controller. It works just fine, but i got just one slight problem. I cant get the controller as i want it. I would prefer to have it like an lying egg, so it would cover my character legs and its head and tail, but not going beneath the characters feet in the Y axis. But i cant reshape my character controller in any way so it becomes the egg shape that i want. It stays perfectly sphered. And adjusting the height wont help if i cant rotate the controller. Any one got any idea what to do?

Make a new, empty object. Rotate it so that it has the correct orientation for your character-controller capsule, then put all the movement scripts on it and make the ‘cat’ model its transform child. You may want to modify any references to ‘animation.whatever’ to ‘cat.animation.whatever’ (by putting in a reference to the actual visible model in your script).