Character Controller not working on Unity Editor After doing a Build

Hi, i have an issue with the character controller from the Standard Assets, the Thirdpersoncontoller or the FPSController work fine with the keyboard, W forward, S back, A left and D right, but… after i make a build on Andorid plataform to see my scene on a mobile device and back into the Unity editor, the controller no longer work, the character doesnt move when i press a key, just crouch with C key but nothing else, i try to eliminate the controller and create a new one, but same issue appears, any of the character controller dont works properly any more after the build.

Also i try to make a new buil on web plataform and then back to the Unity editor again, but now the keys are mixed up, when i press A to go left, its going right and backwards, dont know why, anybody know something about this, im using Unity 5.3, Thank you.

Solved!, solution was found here: 1

1.- On the build settings… (File…Build settings…), enter to “Player Settings…”.
2.- Under “Other Settings” tab, on the bottom of Configuration title, before Optimization title, erase whatever it shows on Scripting Define Simbols.
3.- If the character controller works weird , just delete them and put a new one, it will work OK.

It seems a cross plataform settings issue, but dont understand exactly whats wrong, anyhow, doing this solve the prolem, if you want to read more about this, enter the link of the post where i found it, bye.