Character Controller OnControllerColliderHit Problem

I’m having some issues with my CharacterController and collisions, The OnControllerColliderHit(); function works great in most cases,
but It seems to be effected by the speed of the CharacterController.

I have a simple setup: 1 CharacterController using controller.Move to move it around, and 1 Trigger. The CharacterController is moving at a velocity of more than 10 the OnControllerColliderHit(); does not register the entering of the Trigger.

The trigger is not small in fact it’s 20x20x20, and the CharacterController is 1x1x1 so there is plenty of time for the frame to refresh and the OnControllerColliderHit(); to register all the collisions.

Any idea on what is cause / can solve my problem.

Cheers - C

ContCollideHit doesn’t fire on triggerBoxes – only on hitting “real” colliders (turn off triggerbox – it will fire like crazy.) Easiest to have the triggerBox script do the checking. A charController, no extra colliders attached, will fire this:

void OnTriggerEnter(Collider cc) {
  if(cc.transform.CompareTag("Player")==true) { // be sure the player is tagged