Character Controller Overlap Recovery throws player through floor

I have a player script that I have used in a previous project that correctly handled collision overlap. So scenarios like an object spawning with collision would move the player to the side. This was in 2021.2.4f1

I have brought the same controller into a new project in 2023.1.7f1 which, apparently, has an updated character controller as it has some additional options for Layer Overrides.

My issue is that, now, when a collider spawns on the player, instead of moving the player to the side, it just shoves the player through the floor. I’m not sure what has changed and there is no simple way to access the character controller code. Has anyone experienced this issue and/or found a workaround for this?

I really don’t want to have to re-write my controller to avoid using Unity’s built-in character controller as a component. Thanks.