Character controller problem?

Hello everyone.

This is the first time i try to import a model with animation in unity. I wanted to add a script which makes the character play the walk animation when moving. I know how to do that. But somehow when i apply my script to a simple cube the script seems to work but when I use it on my model from 3dsmax with animation it doesn't do anything.

Also the model seems to always be in the 0,0,0 position when i start the game no mather where i put it in the scene. And if i scale it it will bring itself back to 1,1,1 also when starting the game.

When i add a character controller it tells me: Adding a component will lose the prefab parent. And when i add the following script it will not move, while when i put the same script on a cube it will work as it has to. Just took this script to test if it would do anything but unfortunately something seems wrong.

Anyway my unity knowledge is too low to understand whats going on here anyone knows whats wrong?

Just remember if you are animating an object make sure its standing in the same place else if you move it about and then export them they will not stay in the same position and they will give you major problems :)

make sure that when you import your model, it facing to the front in the front view, and the RIGHT in the left view, and most importantly that it is position directly in the center of the scene in your modelling program BEFORE you import it. Import it as an FBX to, it is better.