Character Controller stuck walking forward

Hey all,
I think I somehow tricked my project into thinking that a forward input is being pressed. But its not. I checked my keyboard on a website to ensure all of the keys work properly and arent being pressed without my knowledge. I unplugged all of my prefrials, my g13, my mouse, my space navigator, all i had was my trackpad and my laptops keyobard. Its the standard asset fps character controller im using, i thought maybe i had changed the code somehow so i reimported the asset packages, still happens, i even downloaded another controller off of the asset store that didnt help either. Every time I hit play the controller relentlessly walks forward. I started some new scenes, tried to reproduce the bug and it seems to be fine, working normally, but my main project is still broken, ive restarted my computer and unity several times, do you think you might now whats wrong with my project??

Comes from having the “Space Navigator 1.5.2” driver in your unity project/Asset folder!

Solution: Rename the “Horizontal” and “Vertical” input Axis in Project Settings/Input Manger to “Horizontal2” and “Vertical2” , and change the name in your character controller script.

Good luck!