Character controller / terrain collider - am I misunderstanding these?

My character moves through the terrain (like a ghost) despite having a Character controller...

Although I've searched Unity answers and elsewhere for quite some time now, I can't make it work.

My character has a character controller and a script that moves wherever I click (x and z axis only). My terrain has the comes-with terrain collider (it's trigger is off).

The character moves fine, but will go right through mountains if they lie in its path - no collision. However, if I add a cube (box collider + rigidbody) to the scene, the character bumps it and moves it.

If I add a rigidbody to the character, it falls through the terrain.

I can remove the Character controller and go the collider+rigidbody route, but then the mesh bounces, is too affected by gravity, etc. Plus, I'd really to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks in advance.

you can try this script , or if allredy exist change it using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class IgnoreCollider : MonoBehaviour { public Collider otherCollider; void Start () { Physics.IgnoreCollision(transform.collider, otherCollider, false); } }