Character Controller wall run?

I’ve been trying to have my character controller tilt side ways and run across a vertical wall to reach another spot. How can i do this? I tried triggers, but i failed. Should i use animation? Or scripted movement and transforming? If i do use animation how can i make the animation play relative to the spot the player hit on the wall? Please help me with this. Thank you

Animation is a good approach. Your character controller doesn’t need to tilt. Using Mecanim, uncheck Foot IK on your wall run animation and use target matching to hit the desired spot on the wall (Unity - Manual: Target Matching). Ideally your animation will have vertical and horizontal root motion to automatically make the avatar move up and sideways appropriately.

Legacy animation doesn’t handle motion by itself. You can use a third-party animation state machine like Sage or Mixamo’s RMCv2, or roll your own. You could SmoothDamp the controller to the spot on the wall as the animation plays.

You could also try a physics-based approach, but without a lot of tweaking it might end up looking goofy like QWOP or Surgeon Simulator.