Character controller wont move

I have an NPC which has a character controller attacked to it. With a c# script I generated a random position (vector3) which the NPC should move to. But when I start the game, he just holds his place.

Random position(waypoint is the random vector3):

waypoint = new Vector3(startPos.x + Random.Range(-30, 30), startPos.y + Random.Range(-30, 30), startPos.z + Random.Range(-30, 30));

To move the NPC I’ve tried:

transform.parent.LookAt(new Vector3(waypoint.x, waypoint.z, waypoint.z));
controller.Move(transform.TransformDirection(0,0, 1));

But this doesn’t work :confused: Any idea’s?

This might not help by try

movDir = transform.forward * movementSpeed;