Character Controller

I know you can readjust the size of the Character Controller's collider mesh, but is there anyway to control how large the initial mesh is? Every time I import a model from Maya, the collider mesh is ridiculously larger than the model, and I have to start playing with scales of .001 or .002 just to get it to look decent.

Change the scale factor in the import settings in Unity for the model; it's .01 by default for some apps.

You have to get the same measures for both Unity and Maya.

1- Make sure you are aware of your modeling for your objects/scenes in Maya using a measure unity, in my case, I always use meters. (Window>Settings/Preferences>Preferences>Settings)

2- Make sure you export your models/scene using that same measure unit, in my case, I use FBX format, you can be sure of that in FBX export options. (FBX Export Selection Options> Edit FBX Preset> Units)

3- Make sure you import the file in the same measure unit in Unity, wich is what Eric5h5 answered, in import setting, unity by default uses value of scale of 0.01, so set that to 1 and you should have all your model/scene in the correct scale of meters.