Character Creation, and so on..

Hi I’m new with Unity3d and I was wondering if there was any way to create characters within Unity - Free? If so please tell me how. Also how do I make a character stand on the ground and not fall straight through? I press play with the construction guy and he falls straight through the ground every time. Any way I can get maps I can get a hold of for free, and put them into Unity?

I’m new aswell but after playing a few games I’ve noticed how they must use their character creations system, I’ve noticed Cuts in their faces so the face must be a prefab or something which is selected by the player as the face the want, and maybe resizing things work for the size of limbs, but I dont know, I’m not experienced.

Personally, I wouldn’t go with turbosquid if you want free. I’m pretty sure their character selection is high quality, but expensive. If you want free, I’ve learned with experience that the best solution is to simply make it yourself. If you are a student or professor, you are eligible to download Autodesk software for free. Products like Maya or 3DS Max are great ways to make your own character. Once you’ve made a character, you can import it into Unity and then go from there. Hope this helps!

Hey Squarerequa ,

Well, THIS is a great tutorial/demo made by the Unity Technology Team themselves! And, to answer your question about charters falling through the floor; are you using a Model, or Terrain? If you are using a Terrain make sure that your charter is not part-way through the floor. If you are using a model, going into the Inspector and click on the model. Then find and tic the button “Generate Colliders”. That should work, if not reply to this with a few more details about your problem!