Character creation

I am looking for a start to finish list of everything i need to do to import an enemy character to my FPS game. I have already made the character on Blender, added bones, created a walk animation and imported this to Unity but the character does not move. I borrowed the code from the RobotFPS Unity tutorial and applied it to my Character but still did not move. so i am looking for start to finish advice on how to import a chracter.

I think there is a prefab in standard assets named FPS Controller that allows you to do such things (at least the moving thing, i don’t know about the animation)

add an animation to him then go to animation box on the inspector and uncheck play automatically. then i suppose you got to put the animation in the project and add a script to the object so when you press e.g “w” it plays the animation and moves forward. I havent tried it yet cause i dont have a character but if i make some progress ill let you know!

sorry ive been unclear. the animation works ok he makes the arm and leg movements he is meant to but he doesnt m9ve from the podition he started in.

This should solve your movement issue. This is a javascript that sould be put on to your character.

private var charCont:CharacterController;
charCont = GetComponent( CharacterController );
var inp:float = Input.GetAxis( "Horizontal" );
charCont.Move( transform.forward * Time.deltaTime * speed * inp );