Character customisation


I trying want to make simple Charater customisation for my little project.

I have my own character model made in Blender (with own animations).

Now I’m looking for a solution to customise the Character for the players, like a little bigger Legs or Arms (with sliders like in Elder Scrolls Online).

I think modifying the Bone scale could be nice, but I also scale the child bones.
Maybe I can use blender Shape Keys?

Does someone know a way to make this?

(plz nothing form the asset store, i want to build my own)

you will need to set up the rig in such a way that the skeleton can be scaled in pieces. scaling the bones would only work to an extent ( i think ). but to get something like how skyrim or oblivion has with the characters faces, or non-uniform scaling of any part of the model, you will need to add either blend shapes, or another type i cant remember atm. but essentially you place extra floating joints around where you want to move, and weight paint those so to shift parts of the mesh w/o messing up the existing weight painting for the rigs skeleton.

but that said, i’ve only worked in maya with this, and that was almost a year ago ^^; hope the info helps.