Character customization with clothing parts in different fbx's using identical skeleton.

Hi there,

I’ve been researching about character customization in unity and so far ALL the approaches are with multiple clothing parts on the same master FBX, So you just toggle the desired ones, ok.
But in my case, the player prefab is very complex, and building up from the ground each time we have a new armor piece on a update seems impossible.

But is it even possible to use different fbx’s for each individual armor piece that are skinned to a identical skeleton and combine with the character?!

I’m having this same problem. I have to do a custom weight paint job for every single piece of clothing I have. And then once I import into Unity I have to attach each clothing piece to their according buttons, and then have everything save. But If I want to add another piece of clothing I have to re-import the new character mesh with the new clothing piece and redo all the button connecting work. Seems way too tedious!

I’ve been searching the web for a good tutorial on how to get around this problem, but nobody has anything of the sort.

Really wracking my brain on this one and wasting a lot of time.

If anyone has a solution, It would be much appreciated!