Character Customization

When I say this, I do not mean the extensive library of games such as Saints Row. I have a prefab set up with different clothing , and within this prefab if I activate one and deactivate the other, it fits perfectly giving it that mix and match freedom.
Main Prefab
-Warriors Bones
–Misc. Bones
-Hair1 (Active)
-Hair2(Not Active)

I know I would probably use gameObject.Setactive, but how ? Say I have Menu Buttons set up to the side, and each button with activate hair, and deactivate the last. Or even arrows that when clicked go through a cycle. If anyone could point me into the right direction it would be wonderful. I figured a script stating Vars for each Hair piece would be somewhere to start ?

If that’s all you need you can utilise Unity’s editor to the fullest (if your game object you wish to customise isn’t instantiated in run-time): Simply create a public list of game objects for each type of part you want to swap. You can then use your menu buttons to cycle through it, by storing an int as an index for the currently active game object (let’s call it currentIndex). When the player clicks the cycling button, disable the current game object using your list and int variables, then update your currentIndex variable and do basically the same thing to enable the new game object. Hope that gave you some ideas on where to take this.