Character customization


I want my hero to: 1. change his appearance 2. get various objects (for example knife, gun etc). The user choose the weapon 3. do various animations according the weapon he gets

I have created a character model maya file with various animations (walk, jump etc) and other files with weapons (guns, knife etc) Also I have various textures for the hero for alternate appearance (user choice).

I also have read the character customization example (using the assetbundles) and it works fine but I have problem creating my assetbundles for my objects. I also have read the Asset Bundles example but I have problem to create the specific structures using the character customization example (I could not find more documentation)

I also read many answers from the forums and I am confused. Is it better to have character animation and other objects (weapon) in seperate files or in the same maya file?

How can I create the assetbundle for my objects in the customer customization example, or how can I modify the example not using assetbundle?

There are many question about character customization (appearance, switching weapon etc) and I thing it is very useful a appropriate example (with documentation if possible).

Please help me to start (little code would be very useful)

Thank you

Hmm, an example with documentation you say?

Has a live webplayer, the actual code you can drop into your project, and a screencast giving an overview of how to use the system. There was a presentation during Unite 09 on this project as well. When the videos from the conference go up, you might want to take a look at that as well.

Hope it helps, Lucas

Make the gun a child of a specific bone:)

Any good idea, how the user can change the hero weapon? The hero gets gun and then gets knife for example.