Character Customization?

How can I create a “Create a Character” system? First off, do I have to have one model and have like a bunch of textures for his shirt, pants, etc. and that the player can switch off the textures? Or do I make actual clothing and then attach it on him when the player selects it? The thing is with the second option, when I animate that, will the clothing follow the player or will I stay static since it is parented to the player? How do I make my model “Customizational Friendly”? Please help and thanks!!

There are some video tutorials from burgzergarcade on the subject starting with 159. Unity3d Tutorial - Changing Room Part 1 I haven’t watched them myself but it might be useful.

In addition there is a Character Customization example created by Unity on the asset store found here. Note however that as the description states:

“this example project requires Unity Pro due to its use of AssetBundles, a Pro-only feature.”

I hope those examples give you a starting point.