character death - In transitions settings, where is ‘can transition to self’?

I have a character in mecanim that is dying on the final frame, but it keeps repeating over and over again as I just want it to die once and then stay down. Other answers on here have said all you need to do is turn off looping in import animations which is fine, and also untick ‘can transition to self’ in the transition settings. I cant see any ‘can transition to self’ tick box…all I see in transition settings are…exit time, fixed duration, transition duration etc….any idea where this is? maybe the animation needs to have root-motion? (mine moves with a script), maybe it’s featured in older versions of unity? maybe its just in the pro version? thanks.

Answering your question , Can Transition to Self only appears when you make a transition from “Any State” to some state.

On the other hand, make your your animation has Loop time set as false, so the animation won’t repeat when it stay in the same state.

Hi, Thanks.
In import animations I have turned off ‘looptime’, but on its own this will not work,
it’s meant to work if ‘can transition to self’ is also turned off in transition settings. Which does not show up for me. (according to this post)

I am trying to do this without writing any more code snippets…which is what I understand you to mean by saying….’make your animation have looptime set as false…’?

I read in another post that all u had to do was turn off looptime and uncheck ‘can transition to self’ in transition settings, looptime is turned off and here is a grab for the transition settings, am I in the right place? can’t see the ‘can transition to self’ at a ll. if there is another way to make the dead animation stay down after 1 frame thats ok.

Any State to Death State