Character Disappears If Rotated with a Standard Shader Material Applied

If you apply a standard shader material and rotate your 2D character, the character will disappear. It appears that unity doesn’t draw the character on both sides when using a custom material. The character is visible if you go into 3D mode and navigate to the opposite side. Basically, Unity only draws the character on one side using a custom material. Therefore, when you rotate, you are viewing the side that’s not rendered.

Is there a way to render the character on both sides using a standard shader material?

I solved the problem by disabling the cull effect in a new shader. This allows you to render the character on both sides, but it creates another problem with lighting. I started over and created an animation moving left and right for the idle, walk, and run animations. This allowed me to place a material with a normal map on each animation while avoiding issues with shadows and lighting.