Character doesn't move right

I’ve been working on an FPS and I added the character in finally. But when I moved the character around, it didn’t work. When I moved the character forward, it moved sideways. This is very abnormal as every other time I have used it it worked fine. The terrain is slightly bumpy if that helps anyone. I also used all the default character movement scripts (Character Controller, the Mouse Look, and the FPSWalker scripts).

This sounds like an issue with the models’ zaxis not facing the front of the model. Try making the model a child of an empty game object, and attach all the scripts to the empty game object. Make sure the zaxis of the game object is facing the same way as the model.

you can take the camera and rotate it 90 degrees to face the direction the player is moving, then move to the front center on the side.

Ok I am going to clarify. Thank you all for the answers. The object is moving at a 45 degree angle forward. I tried placing it on a flat plane to see if it was the terrain, and it did the same thing.