Character feet position is not alaways on ground

I am new to managing animations with unity.However i have got walk cycle and jump animation to a character where the character change position with animation i.e. keyframe.But the problem is the jump animation landing base and walk animation base is not the same, so i cant land the character with jump animation on the ground rather up above.I also added gravity with rigid body, but the character wont come down as it is in keyframe. Is there anyway to fix this with scripting or any other way like adding any compomnt?

I spent some time seeing if I could do this with Mixamo’s ‘action heroine’ asset, and my conclusion is that it can be very difficult to adjust the animation if your character’s skeleton and animations are set up the same way theirs is: their pelvis object has lots of keyframes and there’s no convenient way to adjust all the keyframes up or down together, and there’s no unanimated top-level node in the skeleton you can simply adjust.

So I came up with this hack: assuming you’re using a Character Controller, how high Unity renders your anim depends on the Character Controller center.Y. And you can ‘animate’ that - give it a starting and ending keyframe with the adjustment you want. Warning: if you adjust it too far, your character might fall out of the world as they transition between animations.

I made a video to demonstrate how to do it here (complete with character falling out of the world) - watch it in high quality - Adjusting Character Controller To Change Animation Height - Unity - YouTube

This is all for Unity 3 - apparently the animation window is now ‘legacy’ - I’m not sure what’s going to replace it in Unity 4.

And if you have the resources, it’s probably better and simpler to find a consistent set of animations…