Character fingers get distorted when imported in Unity

I created a simple character animation in iClone that looks like this:

However, when I export this character using Fbx format to Unity, its fingers are distorted. Here is how it looks in Unity after I import it:

As you can see in the above picture, the fingers of the character, especially the thumb, index and middle finger, are not the same to those of the original.

What are the possible causes of this? How can I solve this issue?

A test to perform - if you can - import the animation into a dedicated animation suite like 3D Max, Maya or blender. If the animation is ‘good’ it will mirror the precision from iclone. If the animation is not good it will probably looks like it does in Unity.

Second consideration - Is the character a humanoid setup, or generic? If humanoid - change the rig to generic to see if the animation is still incorrect. If not incorrect the issue resides in the rig/avatar setup within Unity. If still incorrect - several things can still be the problem.

Third - consider searching the forum for related iclone animation issues. Seems from reading - iclone animation or rig might be the issue.