Character floats off moving platform

I have been working on an endless runner game where platforms move towards you. These platforms have holes that the player can fall into. These are the main hazards of the game. The problem I am having is that my character just floats over the holes if you do not move him. If you move him mid-float, gravity suddenly kicks back in and he falls. It’s like gravity does not affect him unless he is moving. This was not happening before.
I recently had a problem with the platforms that made me change their rigidbodies to is Kinematic (and have transform.Translate move them). This fixed the earlier problem, but I am pretty sure this is what is causing my character to float right over holes as they pass under him. Is there any way around this issue?

Strangely enough, I was able to fix this issue by checking “apply root motion” on my animator component. Not really sure what that does, but I will look into it.