Character gets locked into idle animation after reloading of level

I’m using the Unity Standard ThirdPersonController and I have a basic level where my player has to avoid a turret and if he gets hit he is destroyed and the time he survived is basically his score. All that is working fine but after he dies I load a level showing the score with a back button to reload the original level with the turret. Problem is my player character is then locked in his idle animation and just “skates” around. Don’t really understand why this would be happening. Any clues?

It may be because you are destroying your character, you may want to try something else, say, remove the mesh of the character so that he disappears, and then re-activate it at the new level. I don’t really know how your level is played out or if you want the camera to go somewhere else to show the high score, but that is just a suggestion, because destroying and re-making it into the game may create a small lag that bugs it into the idle animation or it is just too much for the game to handle.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

That seems a little hacky. I mean seems that destroying an object and closing a level then loading another should just work as in any game engine. I feel like I am either missing a minor detail that is a standard thing to do with loading and unloading scenes or that its a Unity bug.