Character goes under terrain when i start playing the game

hi all,

i created a game in unity game engine (creating a simple island) and i used game characters like the ones in character customization example in unity3d website and i discovered that by running the game that the character goes under terrain.

Does anyone has a solution for that .. By the way i tried adding a collider to the character and also a rigid body but it did not help at all. i would if someone helps me out.

the terrain should have a terrain collider on it. player should have its own type of collider. Also, make sure you're not starting IN the terrain, or you'll just fall through, make sure you start slightly above it.

Make sure that either the terrain or your character is or is not a trigger. if they are different they will not interact

you can see it here

Can anybody help regarding that matter, i tried all what have been said , the terrain has a collider and the character has a collider and a rigid body and there is not trigger on and tha character is above the ground. although all of that , i am still having problems with it . as the characters fall through the terrain.

i have two characters Goober the big character and another avatar they both fall through the terrain. not only that that other avatar which i have three of it had some deformations as its shape changed and i don't know why is that. i also tried adding three spheres that has rigid bodies they fall but stay still in their places as shown in the video

Try to reshape the collider’s capsules are cylinder. Maybe the end of the capsule is at his limb. Also try reposition the center point.

I know this is a bit old, but I thought I’d add something since I had the same issue. After checking what everyone suggest, check the Terrain Data and make sure that this terrain is the one you are using. When I had the issue it was set at New Terrain 1 instead of New Terrain 3.

I don’t remember how it got set to that, but being new to unity I like to press all the options and see what happens.

I have used Capsule Collider In Y Axis My Problem Was Solved