Character going up and down hills

I have a character with a box collider, rigidbody. The rigidbody has gravity and kinematic both set to true. The colliders is trigger is set to true. I have large terrain in which i created a small hill in order to figure out how to go over hills. The terrain’s collider is trigger is also set to true. When I move the character across the flat parts of the terrain, he doesn’t go through it. When I try to make him go over the hill, however, he just goes right through it. Is there anyway to make him go over it? I am using Transform.Translate() along the z-direction to make him move forward and back, along the x-direction to make him move side to side. I am also using Transform.Rotate() along the y-direction to make him turn. This is a 1st person shooter type game. I am fairly new to Unity. This is my first game in it.

Try use a character controller instead.
About Character Controller.