character gravity problem

Hi.. I downloaded the Character Customization project to get the characters from it:) I transfer them to my own project and finaly add one of them(male) on my terain.

To control the character i add the Third Person Controller and Third Person Camera on the character.The gravity on Third Person Controller is 20. When i press play, i see my characyer to fall of my terain... When i put 0 gravity on Third Person Controller the character doesn't fall but i cant control it. I tried to put a tick on Generate Colliders but i have the same problem. Rigibody doesnt work too but i am not sure if the options were true.. I tried Mesh collider but the problem is the same... Maybe there is something else that will make this to work.

Also when i use the First Person or 3rd person from standart assets i can move them and play whithout problem.. So whats the problem...

The character... And why in the Character Customization project of unity all the characters work.. I am sure that i miss an option.. Please help.


first if you didnt, put a collider on the object and on the terrain second some times for me the terrain dosent work, I prefer to put a plane but it has disadvantages. So.. this works for the 2(plane and terrain)the terrain has a mesh collider for default. What you can do is quit the mesh collider and put a box collider, then what I did to solve was to make the collier the Y axis bigger so like that may work, try it, maybe that would works.