Character is rotated when any animation on the character is played

I have imported a character from blender as fbx. The transform scale and rotation are perfect. It is also already in the pose of my first animation. But as soon as I hit play and the animation starts the character is rotated 60(approx) degree to the left. It doesn’t matter what animation it is, every animation makes the character rotates by same amount. Although in my blend file when I play the animation it is perfectly rotated. In blender I have applied rotation to the model and armature, I also created new animations. In unity I have toggled the apply root motion and other options but they have no effect on the character

Before Play:

After play

As you can see the transform remains the same.
I am into this small problem for 2 days now please help.

I finally found the solution. You have to check the bake into pose checkbox and most importantly set the based upon option to original rather than body orientation.

try giving your character an empty gameobject parent. I think your issue is your animations are locked to the transform parameters related to the world, which dont change, despite the position/rotation of your player actually moving. Giving it an empty gameobject parent which moves the player around with it should keep your animations correct, while allowing you to move around the world

That’s all I can guess from what you’ve given, anyway