Character motor movement and jump

I want to make third person shooter game. What i need is to move and jump my character using the character motor. There is no documentation for motor. So a link to a tutorial will also be good. I tried to use character controller, but it had many problems. So, now i want to use character motor as it would be easier. Please tell me main character motor variables and functions and how to use them. I am not new to scripting, but new to unity. So just wanna know character motor basics, movement, and jump.

I’m not aware of any documentation for the character motor. Note that the character motor requires a character controller. It sits between the character controller and code you write to drive the character. The standard FPSInputController uses the character motor so you can see how it works by examining this script. If you don’t have the FPSInputController, from the Assets menu select Import Package/Character Character Controller. Then select an object or camera in the Hierarchy and use Component/Character/FPS Input Controller.