Character Movement Like in Temple Run 2 or Catch the Ark!


i wann make game like Catch The Ark,

i have made path/map generation which works fine at all,

but i stuck totally in terms of character movement in curve like path, same as Temple Run2 or Catch the Ark, or Temple Run OZ,

i have tried with ray cast to make some fixed distance with respect to path borders, it works fine with straight map generation, but jitters with curved map/path!

please help me!

couple of things off top of my head.

those games look like the world moves and rotate. Not the player in Z axis
are you using LateUpdate() and/or FixedUpdate. One of these might help jitter.

Foreach curved blockpath, I’d put in a few waypoints which the player would walk to. These waypoints would be simpel empty gameobjects, and the transform.position of the gameobject will tell the player where to walk to so he won’t run into any walls/objects.

By giving each waypoint an order id, the player know which one first to pick.

I think this is a better solution instead of raycasts, since they use more performance and code in order to do the same thing.