Character moving by itself

Good day, (using unity 2022.3.4f1)

I’m working on using the new input system for character movement I ran into an issue where my character would simply move forward and left (diagonal) by itself.

  • Initially I believed it to be an issue with my code but even with reverting to a previous version of that script I had the same issue.
  • Created a new project created the code again from scratch and still have the same issue.
  • Tried uninstalling the editor, reinstalling, same issue and also the same with a different build of the editor.
  • Thought it might be related to my keyboard as i had spilled water on it recently but got it working and haven’t had issues outside of unity with keyboard.
  • The debugger doesn’t show any keys pressed until i press one myself and tried with the keyboard unplugged but still does this.

Any ideas on what would cause this? I can’t think of any kind of change that I made which lead to this.