Character not animate after unity 4 upgrade

Is there any quick fix?

After upgrading to unity4 my main character no longer animates.

If I could find enough documentation I might be able to make needed changes to his controller.

I would rather not revert back to 3.X since apart from this problem I like unity 4 better. Although I did make a backup.

extra info:
It is a platformer game where you play as a rat. Using rigidbody based controller for lots of physics interaction.

Unity now uses Mecanim(the new animation engine), so i dont think the old controller will work. But i have not tested this.

Found it

I had added most of his animations by bringing them in with the @ format, just had to expand the objects animation list and re-select all the missing animatins to bring them back.


Please explain how you bring your animation back.
I have switched from 3.5 to 4 and now the animation doesnt work anymore, even the simple objects :expressionless: