character not transitioning smoothly between colliders

I have this little skiing/snowboarding game that I’m making and I can’t get the character to transition onto another collider. It’s as if it’s reading the collider underneath because I’ve tried deleting the ground right as he’s going onto the little ramp and the transition was perfect. Is there some way to ignore what’s underneat? Here’s a little drawing to explain what I mean along with a video of the problem. Right now I have to hop onto the other collider to avoid the seam.

Link to video

Here’s a complete example project!


i really hope you like it.

As I say, i believe your only problem is just an interplay of

  • friction
  • bounciness
  • drag
  • dimensions
  • masses

Hope it helps!

My earlier comments …

Dude you video is AWESOME AWESOME. I would buy your game instantly :slight_smile: Does this help ?? Make the ramp go through a meter.