character & objects import in different scale & animation dosent work right anymor!!!!


I made an animation in maya, a character sitting on the chair and looks at some stones with magnifier. it works well in maya but when i export it as FBX and import it to unity the character is much smaller than the other objects and the whole animation dosent work right anymore. because the hands and everything are small and not in the right place!
when i use the maya file in unity there is the same problem. I do not know what is wrong! and how can i fix this?

can anyone help me please?

You can set the scale in the inspector for the imported FBX or Maya file >

  • Select your file in project window
  • Go to Inspector
  • Select the Model tab
  • adjust the Scale Factor accordingly
  • Press apply

Scale factors are set in Unity because different applications and workflows have different scale units and settings. If in doubt export a metre cube with your character and match it in Unity with a Unity cubes using the Scale factor.

Alternatively set up your units/scale in Maya and the FBX export to match the default settings in Unity of 0.01 (usually centimetres)