Character Questions

How do I import my character that I created into my game I have been trying to figure this out but I can’t do it. little bit of help would be greatly appreciated I created my character on this website:

Unity is awsome. Just drag it in.

From a quick glance at that website, it doesn’t look like the free version allows you to export any model data (the data option looks to be $39). If you want a free program to model with, try Blender. There are free models floating around on the internet, just search here and on google to find them.

As @kop4 said, Unity is, indeed, awesome and can support native .blend files you produce (though there’s the option to FBX export also) just by ensuring that the file is in the correct directory in your project.

For more specifics, look through the manual. I suggest giving it a good read over before trying to use a specific function.

Note: you can also look through the asset store as there’re plenty of things on there (paid and free) that might interest you.