Character rolls forward,but slides back after animation

Hi! So, i have a character that transitions from running/idle to rolling, but after he rolls,he slides backwards. Can someone help ?
(wanted to attach a gif, doesn’t work)
Thank You!

Its about rootmotion settings of your animation.

I did some further reading - these two helped a lot:
Unity: Mixamo Animation Overview tutorial by Jeanette Mathews at , and
Jeannette’s comments in a thread

I had previously followed a tutorial which said you could “package” a model and its animations on Mixamo, download that one package, and import that into Unity. That author was confident that was the best approach. I’m not linking to that tutorial because I found that did not work for me: that approach gave me the same problem that AlexStf reported.

Jeannette’s approach carefully goes through the separate import of model and animations, and the settings to use during both export from Mixamo and import into Unity. It sounds more complicated, but it only takes a minute, and I found the results were what I wanted (no more rollback).

I’m a Unity noob, running 5.5.2 on a Mac, bringing in model and animations from Mixamo (I guess you call it “2.0”). Hope this helps someone.