character selection screen help java

Hey guys,

Currently in my game I’m creating a character selection screen. There are two characters that the user can choose from; “Jack” and “Jill.” Currently I have those two as buttons and when the player clicks them, it loads the main game scene. How can I allow their selection to move into the next scene so that their choice then becomes the playable character?

Side note: Currently in my game I have the “Jack” character as the main character because the multiple character selection idea came up at a later build date so whenever the player clicks either “Jack” or “Jill” the game loads only Jack because he’s the one set up on the main scene.

Help is greatly appreciated!

Here are two ways I would do this:

  • Store the player’s choice in PlayerPrefs (probably an integer called “isJack”, or a string with the name of a prefab to load). When a new scene starts, check the value and load the appropriate prefab. (You would probably have to place them in a Resources folder)
  • When they make their selection, load the correct player prefab and mark it with DontDestroyOnLoad. Each of your scenes would assume the player object to already exist, and maybe move it to a spawn position.

I would probably recommend the first, as it allows you to test scenes without explicitly going through the caracter selection. Also, if the user is able to save and resume their progress, you would need to do something similar to the first anyway. So really don’t do the second, but I’m leaving it for completion’s sake. :wink: